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Rating: Spicy
Includes my story ~ Canyon Crossing

Grand Canyon 1898

In search of her brother, Annabel Cross enters Grand Canyon with a guide and a mule. When circumstances have her hanging from a cliff side, her rescue at the hands of U.S. Deputy Marshal Angus Docherty is fortuitous in more ways than one. He’s chasing the notorious Red Bandit, and it soon becomes clear that Annabel’s brother is mixed up with the criminal as well. While the marshal believes she may be in on a double-cross, she has a more pressing secret to hide. She can talk to deceased spirits, and she wonders whether to tell Angus about the old Apache ever near to him.
Includes my story ~ Lily and Mesquite Joe

Arizona Territory 1872

Ranch hand Mesquite Joe Riordan has always considered Lily Kingston out of reach. As the daughter of a prominent rancher in the Arizona Territory, she’ll one day inherit an empire. When Joe’s past threatens not only himself, but Lily and everything her father has built, he knows he can’t stand by and do nothing. But can he give Lily his heart when he believes she deserves better?

Lily Kingston has long loved Mesquite Joe Riordan, but when he doesn’t step forward to protest her betrothal to another man—arranged by her papa—her heart breaks. When Joe is blamed for the murder of a ranch hand and disappears, Lily knows exactly where to find him. Facing the truth of his past will test her resolve, but only her stubbornness can win his heart.


A knotted cord slapped the ground beside her. Slowly, she reached out with her right hand and grasped it. Letting go of the bush, she clung to the lifeline with both hands. In small increments she moved upward, all the while straining not to slip off. Just as her aching palms screamed for release, she neared an unseen ledge that harbored the man and the life-saving tether. As she struggled to climb over the edge, a large shadow reached for her and strong arms yanked her to the safety of flat ground. A man hovered above, breathing heavily.
“I can’t thank you enough,” Annabel said. Drained of strength, she lay on the ground, facing the sky. “How did you find me?”
She winced as the rising sun glowed behind him, casting the man into an enigmatic dark silhouette. Shading her eyes, a flash caught her eye. He wore a badge, a silver star.


Darkness enveloped Joe as he lay in his niche in the cliff. He tried to rest, but his breath came fast, and he couldn’t stop sweating. He’d cleaned his wound with what little water he could spare, but couldn’t remove the bullet; it was embedded too deep. He needed to get to a doctor— but in the meantime, he thought to rest.
He heard movement. He grabbed his rifle, cocked the hammer, and pointed it into the darkness, unable to see anything. Was he going mad?
“Joe.” The whisper floated to him, the voice of an angel. It was Lily. It had to be Lily. If he was going to die, his only wish was to see her one last time. He groaned in agony as he leaned his head back.
“Joe, my God.” The voice was much louder. “How did this –” Suddenly, she was beside him. Lily—the woman who’d branded his soul from the first moment he’d seen her all those months ago, carrying a dog bitten by a rattlesnake into the barn. Her dark hair, flowing behind her like a mare’s mane, had made her seem wild and of the land. He soon came to know her generous spirit and restless nature, sprinkled with determination and stubbornness, all the while igniting a fire in him that he’d tried in vain to ignore.
When he learned she was to marry, he could hardly stomach it—all the more worse because it was McCoy. The man would never understand her nature. He’d crush her, slowly and surely, like a predator who first captures a bird, then clips its wings, then siphons the life from it before the creature ever realizes what has happened.

Rating: Sweet
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"...stories that...make you smile, chuckle, and laugh right out loud." ~ Rising Star Reviews
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Includes my story ~ The Crow and the Coyote

Arizona Territory 1877

Hannah Dobbin travels through Cañon de Chelly, home to the Navajo, in search of a sorcerer who murdered her pa. Only when she retrieves the silver cross taken from her father's corpse will she be able to free her pa's spirit, and allow him to be at peace.

Bounty Hunter Jack Boggs—known as Crow—is on the trail of a vile Mexican bandito when he discovers Hannah and her companion, a superstitious old Navajo woman. He knows he must protect them, but with the shadows of Hallowtide descending, more dark magic is at hand than any of them know.

Rating: Steamy
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eISBN 978-1-31030-687-7
Print ISBN 1-500-22374-3
eISBN 978-1-31188-123-6
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Hannah awoke before dawn from her pallet by the tiny fire she and Sani had allowed themselves. For the first time since her pa died some three weeks ago, her dreams had been calm. She turned on her side and watched the man called Crow, slumbering several feet away beside a horse he'd retrieved the previous night. The presence of both had kept the spooks at bay, and a feeling of safety washed over her.
She wondered if trusting the man was wise, but Sani grudgingly accepted him. Truthfully, they could use his help. None of the Navajo men would accompany them—they insisted on distancing themselves from the actions of two women not in their right minds. Hannah knew the beliefs of the Navajo—that stirring up spirits would not end well—but she had no choice, not if she wanted to help her pa. She knew, however, that if she and Sani weren't careful they could both end up dead.
Mr. Crow consumed a large space in this world with his obvious physical presence, and a look in his dark eyes that was both remote and calculating. She sensed he walked a fine line between justice and violence. It didn't frighten her, but she did wonder if she could trust him.
He awoke, stood, and immediately checked his horse. Then, he looked directly at her.
"Mornin'," he said.
Hannah pushed to a sitting position and nodded. Sani snored softly beside her.
He produced a bag of grain and fed his animal.
"Did you walk?" he asked.
"No. Our animals are up that way." She indicated the direction with a nod.
"You're on the trail of an evil Navajo, as well as likely following Lopez—just as evil I might add—and yet you let your animals run free and you had a fire last night." He shook his head, his black tresses brushing the edge of his shirt. "You're not doing a good job of hiding yourself."
Hannah stood and moved toward him, so as to not disturb Sani with their voices. "We're not close to those we follow."
He stepped back from his horse and scanned their surroundings, then planted hands on hips and fixed her again with that penetrating gaze. "How do you know?"
Hannah watched him, liking the way his eyes slanted slightly down, and the stubble that covered his face tanned from the sun. His hair was so black—like an Indian—but he didn't have the look of the Navajo, or the Hopi, or any of the peoples in the area she and her pa had visited.
"Sani has visions," she replied.
His mouth turned up in the barest hint of a smile. "Naturally."
"So your name is Jack Crow?"
"No. It's Jack Boggs. I've been called Crow from time to time."

eISBN: 978-1-31089-550-0
print ISBN: 978-1-50254-389-9
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Available in Print and Digital
eISBN: 978-1-31173-269-9
print ISBN: 978-1-50757-650-2
Rating: Sweet
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Includes my story ~ A Westward Adventure

Colorado 1888

Aspiring novelist Amelia Mercer travels from New York City to Colorado to aid an injured aunt. When the stage is robbed and her luggage stolen, bounty hunter Ned Waymire comes to her aid, acquainted with the harmless culprit and wanting to spare the boy. But Ned also seeks to impress the independent young woman. Amelia's wish to never marry, however, clashes with Ned's desire to keep her reputation intact. When a final bounty from Ned's past threatens their future, she knows that A Westward Adventure isn’t just the title of her novel but the new course of her life.

The front door opened and shut, and in the next instant Ned Waymire filled the parlor entryway. As soon as Amelia locked eyes with him, he froze.
“Ned, I’d like you to meet my niece, Amelia Mercer.” Teddy waved him into the room. “Amelia, this is Ned Waymire. He boards here. There’s also another gentleman, but he’s been away recently.”
Mister Waymire removed his hat, revealing dark hair, and cleared his throat. “Pleased to make your acquaintance, miss.” He stepped forward to take her hand.
The touch was warm and his sun-darkened fingers overwhelmed her pale ones. As she smiled and nodded, she tried to ignore the tingling sensation that crept up her arm. Up close, he exuded even more strength than was apparent in the marshal’s office.
A man who spent his days outdoors.
A man who called the earth his home.
Vivid blue eyes stood out on a sun- and whisker-darkened face.
He was the perfect western hero.
“I just saw you,” she said, glad her voice sounded calm considering how her insides quivered.
Now available as a single-sell digital novella for
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Now available as a single-sell digital novella for
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Now Available for 99 cents
The Crow Series: Book 1
The Crow Series: Book 2
Colorado 1878

Bounty hunter Callum Boggs—sometimes called Crow—arrives in the mining town of Silverton on a cold October day in search of a man who has committed unspeakable crimes. Skilled in the technique of dream scouting, Crow has narrowed the location of the criminal to Silas Ravine. No normal man would dare to venture into this region, where so many gruesome and unexplained murders have taken place—a piece of land forever haunted where Death still walks. But Crow is no normal man...

Jennie Livingstone knows her papa is in trouble. When none of the local men will come to her aid, she must accept a newly-arrived stranger—a half-Comanche bounty hunter—as her only ally. As they head into the mountains to track Jennie’s father, she can hear more than the whispers of man. The mines carry spirits, and her only hope in navigating the living and the dead lies with the Crow.

But is Jennie prepared for the consequences of where her fate with Callum Boggs may lead? And is she the woman who can hold fast to the Crow’s heart after all his years alone? Bewitched by the beautiful young woman, Callum must do everything he can to stay one step ahead of the spirits that can’t rest—just to keep Jennie and himself alive.

Digital novella available for 99 cents
eISBN: 978-131196-1-242
Rating: Steamy