Into The Land Of Shadows
Northern Arizona Territory 1893
Ethan Barstow has come to Arizona Territory to search for his younger brother Charley. It's been five years since a woman came between them and it's high time they buried the hatchet. He soon learns that his brother has broken more than one heart in town, has mysteriously and abruptly disappeared, and that an indignant fiancée is hot on his trail.

Kate Kinsella pursues Charley Barstow when he skips out of town without a second thought. Not only has he left Agnes McPherson alone and pregnant, but everyone still believes that he and Kate are engaged, a sham from the beginning. An ill-timed encounter with a group of ruffians has her suddenly in the company of Ethan Barstow, Charley's brother and a man of questionable repute. As they move deeper into the shadows of the Arizona desert, family tensions and past tragedies threaten to destroy a relationship neither of them expects.
Cover Art by Livia J. Washburn
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"Oh, the places you'll go..."
~ Dr. Suess
eISBN:   978-1-31175-226-0
Print ISBN:   1-494-37784-5
Trade Paperback
“...a story with heart and spirit, characters that live, and an understanding of the place and people that far surpasses a traditional romance…”
~ Marcy Waldenville, author of Tears of the Damned
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“Tighten that cinch because Into The Land Of Shadows is a fast paced ride.”
~ Emmanuelle Wilder, author of French Crème and French Heat

“The author’s descriptions of the Arizona desert and the Indians who inhabit it are beautiful. You almost feel as if you are there. There are surprises, an element of the paranormal, which is done exceptionally well, and romance. If you love Westerns, then don’t miss this one.”
~ Linda Tonis, Paranormal Romance Guild

“McCaffrey has yet another hit with this one.”
~ Jonel Boyko, Pure Jonel Blog

“…a haunting story with suspense, passion, and excellent character building.”
~ Jane Bowers, Romance Reviews Today

“…action-adventure, mystery, and romance…”
~ Susan Frances, BTS eMag

"...a good old-fashioned western, a romance and an adventure...I loved it!"
~ Willa Jemhart, author of Drowning in Deception

"McCaffrey's novels spirit you off to the Old West, holds you captive then rescues you by the most charming of heroes, leaving you breathless and wanting more."
~ Joan Mauch, author of Halifax and The Mangled Spoon

"With a vividly painted background, engaging and compelling characters and pages that just fly by, Into The Land Of Shadows is a superb read for any western or historical romance lover."
~ Wendy, Romance Junkies

"Into the Land of Shadows is a must read. Kristy McCaffrey tells a story that is engaging and edge-of-the-seat gripping. Her vivid descriptions and great cast of characters, with exceptional dialogue, bring this story to life."

~ Reviewed by Cherokee, Coffee Time Romance & More